12 Days Of Deli Christmas – DAY 5

On the FIFTH Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me, FIVE DICK’S PERKY PICKLES!

Today is the FIFTH day of 12 Deli Days of Christmas and today we’re featuring EVERYONE’S favorite… DICK’S PERKY PICKLES. These are the horseradish lovers dream. These gourmet pickles combine a traditional sweet pickle flavor with a spicy kick of horseradish. They’re great on sandwiches and straight out of the jar! Just make sure you get two jars… one for the tray… and one to eat while you’re making the tray. These things are HOT and they’re going for 10% off until the 25th! GET YOURS HERE!

(IF YOU’RE SINGING ALONG… THIS IS OUR FAVORITE PART) Visit DELIDIRECT.COM to view the entire 12 Deli Days of Christmas Song and Video created by Kake Multimedia and Bogolub Records!

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