4th of July Entertaining

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends. The gorgeous weather in the area and all throughout the Midwest is just waiting to be enjoyed. Plus, with the 4th of July coming up there isn’t any better time to entertain a group of your favorite guests at your home for a backyard barbeque.
You know what makes 4th of July entertaining a thousand times better? Ordering quick and fresh delivery from Deli Direct! We are your go-to source for gourmet high quality deli meats, cheeses, sausages, and even dessert treats brought right to your door with our easy online ordering. If you are looking to put together a fantastic soiree with all the right foods to have, look no further than Deli Direct. Here are some ideas on how to make your 4th of July entertaining the absolute best it can be.
Have a Cheese Wheel and Sausage Platter

With so many different cheeses to select, you can pick out a variety of natural and cold packed cheese to set up a terrific sausage and cheese wheel. This form of charcuterie combined with tasty cheese will keep your guests coming back for more. As an appetizer platter to set out when your friends or family arrive, it’s going to taste amazing with a cold glass of summer rose, or even a hoppy craft beer from a local brewery. Nothing says summer like chilled drinks and eats with friends, don’t you agree?

Set Out Olives and Pickles to Snack On

Another perfect app to have is a selection of olives and pickles to snack on. During the hot summer months, it’s best to think of appetizers that you can serve room temperature or even cold to your guests. Try our Hot and Spicy Beans or the JoJo’s Kick n’ Hot Kosher Dill Pickles to give a little fiery heat to your pickle platters.

If you are an olive lover, our selection is top notch. The only trouble you’ll have is trying to decide which kind of olives to order. Try the Redneck Cheddar Head Stuffed Olives, Redneck Habanero Stuffed or the Mild Martini Olives Gift Pack for a less spicy option to set out. Here’s a fun fact, did you know that olives are fruit and not vegetables? Well, whatever they are called, they are sure tasty.

Party Dips Are a Must Have

A few party dips with either chips, or veggies is a nice idea as well. You can even get a little creative with it by having sweet as opposed to savory dips for a dessert presentation. The Sea Salt Caramel Delight Dip is perfect with apple slices, berries or even cut up sponge cake or angel food cake. You can get really creative with the kinds of finger foods you serve with various dips. Just remember no double dipping!

Grill To Your Heart’s Content

Grilling is obviously one of the best 4th of July summertime party meals. At Deli Direct, we offer a great variety of premium meats to throw on the grill for all your happy carnivore guests. This would include of course traditional Jumbo Meat Franks for a Chicago style dog (no ketchup please!), but also New York Strip Steaks, and Center Cut Pork Chops. You can’t go wrong with a grilled entree to satisfy your hungry guests. No one wants a rumbling tummy when they are waiting for a neighborhood fireworks show.

With all the fantastic options in food, entertaining has never been easier to plan for. Let Deli Direct make your next 4th of July party, a gathering of food and friends to remember.

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