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About Deli Direct

Family Owned Gourmet Gifts from Deli Direct

Barron Perl is a proud second-generation Chicago sausage provisioner. As one of seven brothers born into Perl Sausage, the family business, Barron grew up in the industry and launched Deli Direct in 1987.

Over 25 years later, Barron has built Deli Direct into the Midwest’s go-to source for deliverable gourmet quality deli meats, sausages, delicious natural and cold pack cheeses, and other treats packed with unique seasoning and flavors.

Along with many years in the business, Barron and our Deli Direct team carry a passion for creating American-made, delicious products. And as the Deli Direct community grew, we knew we had to find a way to make our offerings available to all. But we made sure to do it right: easy online ordering – quick and fresh delivery.

Even when our food travels to Afghanistan to support the men and women serving our country, we make sure it’s delivered fresh.

Simply put, we love our country, our customers, and great food.

Try us once and you’re sure to become part of our ever-growing family of happy, loyal customers. Be sure to join our emailing list, subscribe to our blog, and follow us on social media for up to date promotions, new product announcements, and sales!