Happy 4th of July!

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Wicked Little Pickles – Meet WICKLES!

From Saturday sandwiches to Thanksgiving dinner, Wickles’ Pickles secret 90-year-old recipe used to be reserved for family and friends who were lucky enough to get a jar. But since 1998, they’ve been bringing these tangy and fresh pickles to your home! Why Are They So Irresistible? The Best Ingredients For Starters! The custom blend of […]


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Corporate Gifts for your 2020 List!

Don’t forget Deli Direct is your one stop shop for Corporate Gifting. Everybody loves meat, cheese, and gourmet food gifts. We’ve even got pickles, beans, olives, and more for your favorite VEGAN. We’ve got the right combination of gift baskets, gift buckets, cutting boards, and even gift certificates to make the office work easy on […]

Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree

Flavors and Recipe courtesy of DAIRY FARMERS OF WISCONSIN! Get all of the ingredients in our Shop! [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree – You've heard of a Christmas Tree, but we're bringing you the CHEESEMAS TREE! – Floral Foam Cone (9 inches), Fresh Bay Leaves, Fresh Rosemary, Wisconsin Herbed Gouda Cheese (or your favorite other cheese flavor), Wisconsin […]


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