Barbecue Chicken Potato Skins

Thanks to our friends at WISCONSINCHEESE.COM, we’re excited to share another amazing recipe. This crumbly, creamy aged cheddar has a sharp flavor that’s just beginning to mature. It’s great for melting. Serve it on a cheese plate, too, paired with jam or fruit and a bold red wine. This recipe is a perfect match for […]

Bacon Beer Cheddar Stuffing – Recipe

We borrowed this recipe from our friends at WISCONSINCHEESE.COM because it looks delicious and we HAVE to try it.  We suggest using our Farmers Market Sharp Cheddar, or if you’re a REAL bacon lover, you can also go with the Farmers Market BACON CHEDDAR block! StoveTop has NOTHING on this! Bacon Beer Cheddar Stuffing will have […]

Deli Direct Partners With The Exchange!

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve partnered with THE EXCHANGE to provide our top quality gourmet products to service members and veterans with special benefits like tax free and free shipping purchases. The Exchange has been serving U.S. military service people and veterans around the world since 1890! If you’re an active military service […]

The Perfect Bloody Mary

Deli Direct wants to know what you put in YOUR Bloody Mary!?  When WE’RE making ours, we always start with SLUTTY MARY Bloody Mary Mix! Then we add our favorite spirit to taste.  After that, the garnish list could go on for days, and if you’re like us, you like it HOT! We’ve got EVERYTHING […]

Happy 4th of July!

FREE 6 PACK COOLER! In honor of America’s 245th birthday, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 AND we’re giving away free licensed 6 pack coolers with every order over $50.00 for the entire month of July! Featuring several different brands and sports teams, this special gift is sure to keep your favorite beverage cold. […]


DELI DIRECT SALUTES ALL OF THE DADS, FATHERS, PAPAS, GRANDPAS, STEP DADS, AND OTHER FATHER FIGURES GETTING THE JOB DONE! From now until Father’s Day, get free shipping on purchases over $75.00, and as a bonus, we will ship it in a licensed reusable cooler while supplies last!

Wicked Little Pickles – Meet WICKLES!

From Saturday sandwiches to Thanksgiving dinner, Wickles’ Pickles secret 90-year-old recipe used to be reserved for family and friends who were lucky enough to get a jar. But since 1998, they’ve been bringing these tangy and fresh pickles to your home! Why Are They So Irresistible? The Best Ingredients For Starters! The custom blend of […]