A Spice Above Party Dip Mixes

We’d like to introduce you to our amazing selection of A Spice Above Party Dip Mixes. They currently come in 19 delicious flavors and, as if all this deliciousness was not enough, we’ll be adding two new flavors soon, so check back with us often. You’ll also be happy to know that every one of […]

Old Fashioned Bologna – The Stuff Childhoods Are Made Of

Enjoying simply delicious comfort food today is an easy way to refresh cherished memories of your childhood. Life seemed so simple then, when aromas of your mom’s cooking were wafting through your house when you got home from school. You got to see the pot on the stove getting the potatoes ready to mash, and you could hardly wait for the meatloaf to come out of the oven. Those were the days when you did not count calories, and playing outside worked them off anyway. Read more

New Recipes Collection

We are proud to announce the brand new recipes collection on our website. We have received so much feedback and recipes from our customers that we want to share them with you! All of the recipes that you will find have come from customers like you that use our products everyday and are finding creative new ways to spice up meals. You can browse by the different products being used in the recipes, the dish type or by the level of difficulty.

We will continue to add new recipes and would love to collect more from you. You can submit recipes right on our website…and when you do, you will receive a free dip from us! Check in often for new recipes.