Barbecue Chicken Potato Skins

Thanks to our friends at WISCONSINCHEESE.COM, we’re excited to share another amazing recipe. This crumbly, creamy aged cheddar has a sharp flavor that’s just beginning to mature. It’s great for melting. Serve it on a cheese plate, too, paired with jam or fruit and a bold red wine. This recipe is a perfect match for […]

Bacon Beer Cheddar Stuffing – Recipe

We borrowed this recipe from our friends at WISCONSINCHEESE.COM because it looks delicious and we HAVE to try it.  We suggest using our Farmers Market Sharp Cheddar, or if you’re a REAL bacon lover, you can also go with the Farmers Market BACON CHEDDAR block! StoveTop has NOTHING on this! Bacon Beer Cheddar Stuffing will have […]

The Perfect Bloody Mary

Deli Direct wants to know what you put in YOUR Bloody Mary!?  When WE’RE making ours, we always start with SLUTTY MARY Bloody Mary Mix! Then we add our favorite spirit to taste.  After that, the garnish list could go on for days, and if you’re like us, you like it HOT! We’ve got EVERYTHING […]

Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree

Flavors and Recipe courtesy of DAIRY FARMERS OF WISCONSIN! Get all of the ingredients in our Shop! [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree – You've heard of a Christmas Tree, but we're bringing you the CHEESEMAS TREE! – Floral Foam Cone (9 inches), Fresh Bay Leaves, Fresh Rosemary, Wisconsin Herbed Gouda Cheese (or your favorite other cheese flavor), Wisconsin […]

Kuma’s Mac & Cheese

Cameron Smith, the Culinary Director for award winning and world renowned Chicago based eatery, Kuma’s Corner, released a MAC & CHEESE recipe today via WGN TV and it sounds absolutely TO DIE FOR if you’re a cheese head like we are! See the video below, or you can check out the entire article on WGN’s […]

Delicious Dip Recipes

A Spice Above Party Dips come in 19 assorted flavors.  They are all made from natural ingredients, are gluten free, and contain no MSG or preservatives.  We assure you that all our party dips tastes as good as they are for you. Our party dips are so simple to make, that you’ll want to serve […]

Creative Uses for Deli Meats

Even though all of the meats from Deli Direct go perfectly fine on their own or between a few slices of bread, there are tons of ways to creatively use deli meats. Casseroles, pasta, or the plain ole’ egg can utilize delicious smoked meat. Try this: