Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree

Flavors and Recipe courtesy of DAIRY FARMERS OF WISCONSIN! Get all of the ingredients in our Shop! [wpurp-searchable-recipe]Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree – You've heard of a Christmas Tree, but we're bringing you the CHEESEMAS TREE! – Floral Foam Cone (9 inches), Fresh Bay Leaves, Fresh Rosemary, Wisconsin Herbed Gouda Cheese (or your favorite other cheese flavor), Wisconsin […]

Kuma’s Mac & Cheese

Cameron Smith, the Culinary Director for award winning and world renowned Chicago based eatery, Kuma’s Corner, released a MAC & CHEESE recipe today via WGN TV and it sounds absolutely TO DIE FOR if you’re a cheese head like we are! See the video below, or you can check out the entire article on WGN’s […]

Delicious Dip Recipes

A Spice Above Party Dips come in 19 assorted flavors.  They are all made from natural ingredients, are gluten free, and contain no MSG or preservatives.  We assure you that all our party dips tastes as good as they are for you. Our party dips are so simple to make, that you’ll want to serve […]

Creative Uses for Deli Meats

Even though all of the meats from Deli Direct go perfectly fine on their own or between a few slices of bread, there are tons of ways to creatively use deli meats. Casseroles, pasta, or the plain ole’ egg can utilize delicious smoked meat. Try this:

What’s Up with Summer Sausage?

Summer sausage has been a delicious food staple since the famous Greek playwright, Aristophanes, mentions them in his play in 424 BC. Even the Odyssey mentions sausage. They were a favorite with the Ancient Romans, too, and they spread their use throughout Europe, where it became the go-to food throughout the Middle Ages and down […]

3 Great Ways to Enjoy Liverwurst

Braunschweiger Liverwurst is one of the most nutritious, freezable, versatile deli meats on the gourmet food market today. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize just how many great dishes may be made with it. Instead, they merely slap a slice between two pieces of bread and chow down. So to help change that perception, we wanted […]

Fun Different Ways To Use BBQ Sauce!

We all know that BBQ sauces are a great condiment when we are grilling on a summer weekend. However, you do not need to put the bottle away just because the weekend (or warm weather) is over. There are many different ways to enjoy your favorite BBQ sauce throughout the rest of the week and […]