Cheese Dips: Leave ‘Em Yodeling for Swiss Almond Chicken Burgers

Have your family’s taste buds fallen asleep after one too many tasteless, dried out turkey, chicken or vegetable burger? Well why not set the alarm bells ringing and wake them all up with our cheese dips? They are the perfect way to perk up poultry and vegetable patties, whether you’re cooking them on the barbecue grill or in a frying pan. Let’s take our Swiss almond chicken burgers for example. Considered a play on chicken almondine, they’ll likely leave your family yodeling for seconds:

To make Swiss Almond Chicken Burgers, you’ll need:

1 Pack “A Spice Above” Spring Garden Vegetable Dip
1 Jar Deli Direct Swiss Almond Cheese Spread
1 Cup Mayonnaise
1 Cup Condensed Mushroom Soup
1-1/4 Lbs. Ground Chicken Breast
10 oz. Frozen Peas
2 Cups Soft bread crumbs (Optional)
Mix the vegetable dip into the mayonnaise and condensed mushroom soup. Next, stir in the frozen peas and add the vegetable dip mixture to the ground chicken breast. Continue by using the ground chicken breast mixture to make thin patties. If the mixture is too wet for your liking, go ahead and add some soft bread crumbs until you’re happy with the texture. Just don’t go overboard. Otherwise, your Swiss almond chicken burgers are apt to dry out.

When you’ve got enough chicken burgers formed, reach for the Swiss almond cheese dip and a spoon. Put a spoonful of the cheese dip into the center of one patty. Then top that patty with another and pinch them together until the cheese spread is trapped inside. Finally, cook them on the grill or in a pan. Afterward, top the Swiss almond chicken burgers with additional cheese spread and other topping of your family’s choice. To learn more about all of the tasty burgers that may be made with our cheese dips and spreads, please contact us at Deli Direct.

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