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Deli Meats – Summer Sausages – Snack Meats – Wild Game Meats

Summer Sausages and Snack Meats Made in Wisconsin …As Fresh As It Gets !

Deli Direct uses Old-World  Family Recipes that were brought over from Europe and passed down from generation to generation to “Craft” our Famous Summer Sausages, Deli Meats and Snack Meats.  We start by using Selected cuts of Beef and Pork, Blending Special Spices and Slowly Smoking our products with REAL Hickory Chips up to 16 hours to create Perfection !  We make all our products in small batches to insure Freshness and Quality ….Guaranteed !

After Tasting all 4 of our different and unique flavors of Summer Sausage, Smoked Honey Ham Roll, Braunshweiger, Hunter Sticks and More you will understand why we refuse to cut corners and  take so much Pride in what we love to do.

Most of our products are Shelf Stable which does not require refrigeration until after opening though we do recommend to store in a cool place away from the sun. We do this process for two reasons: It extends the shelf life so our products will stay fresh for up to 12 months after opening   &  We ship our products all over the World for our customers to enjoy.

All of our Delicious Products can be enjoyed for tailgating, Family Get togethers,  Holidays  or whenever you have a craving for some  Savory Deliciousness !  “Savor the Flavor”

Deli Direct offers a wonderful selection of smoked summer sausages and gourmet meats for your entertaining and snacking needs. Order online today!