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Barron Perl and the WORLD FAMOUS DELI TRUCK are on tour this week in INDIANA. Tuesday, they can be found touring WABASH with stops at the following locations. Please text to 847-274-5506 FOR arrival times and schedule updates!

Wabash Fire Station 1, 1000 N Wabash St, Wabash, IN
Wabash City Mayor, 202 S Wabash St, Wabash, IN
Scotty’s Tavern, 780 Manchester Ave, Wabash, IN
American Legion Post #15, 188 W Market St, Wabash, IN 
Harry’s Old Kettle Pub & Grill, 1633 Stitt St, Wabash, IN
VFW Post 286, 3678 W Old, US-24, Wabash, IN
Moose Home, 169 E Market St, Wabash, IN
South Side Supply, 1300 S Wabash St, Wabash, IN

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