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Holiday Travel Snacks

By November 6, 2019January 26th, 2023No Comments

TJ, JANET, and JROD at KJ103 In Oklahoma City recently posted a list of the 5 most “flight ready” snacks to consider for the holiday season. For the most part, we agree with them, but we’re a bit partial to these specifics:

KJ103: Peanut Butter & Jelly
Well… not bad guys, we agree that it’s tasty and even a big kid (of the 40 year old variety) can enjoy it, but we’re going to one up you and suggest trying our PUMPKIN BUTTER instead. You know… because it’s festive!

KJ103: Trail Mix
OK Ok… we see what you’ve done here as well. You can’t beat nuts as a replacement for meat and cheese holiday travel snacks (if you must) but let’s put some zing in there. You may have heard sweating burns calories, and if you’re going to be sitting for a long flight… it couldn’t hurt right? Try our Red Ghost Nuts as an alternative.

KJ103: Oatmeal Cup
We have to admit we’re a little confused on this one. We’ve heard of it before but only as feed for dairy cows… so we’re going to have to stretch and offer RECYCLED oats. CHEESE CURDS are really all you need. They come in flavors, and you can eat them from the bag… no cup required.

HERE HERE. When you’re right you’re right and we’re with you 100%. Three Words… HUNTER BEEF SNACKS!

KJ103: String Cheese & Veggies
Your neighbor really won’t mind if you share. Cheese and veggies have been paired together in the greatest civilizations around the world. We’ve got options!

Thanks again to TJ, JANET and JROD for the holiday travel snacks advise! For the full article, visit To order snacks, cheese, and meat for your holiday season festivities on land, in air, or over the road and through the woods, visit

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