Cellar Reserve Charcuterie Box


The Cellar Reserve Charcuterie Box offers a wide variety of culinary favorites in a compact, easily giftable box. Perfect as a housewarming present or seasonal gift for someone special or new to your life. Each gift contains:

2 Cellar Reserve Summer Sausages (Signature Beef, Roasted Garlic) 5oz

2 Cellar Reserve Cheese Blocks (Onion & Garlic, Woodsmoked Cheddar) 4oz

1 Sleeve of Cellar Reserve Original Wheat Crackers (3oz)

1 Jar of Matador Pimento Stuffed Olives (8oz)

1 Jar of Farmers’ Market Sweet & Hot Mustard (2.25oz)

1 Bottle of Terra Mia Extra Virgin Olive Oil (8.5oz)

3 Mini Jars of Cambridge & Thames Jelly (1oz)

3 Assorted Candy