Ellsworth NATURAL, GARLIC & BACON Cheddar Cheese Curd 3-Pack


  • Makes a healthy, high protein, low carb and gluten-free snack.
  • Substitute Ellsworth Cheddar Cheese Curds for shredded cheese in your favorite recipes. Adds a chewy texture to burgers, meatloaf, hot dish and pizza!
  • A fun appetizer jazzes up any cheese plate
  • Crumble over salads for big cheesy flavor
  • 3 Bags to share with your friends

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This Trio of 5 oz bags is a real treat! Garlic, Natural & Smokey Bacon flavors retain more of their milky farm-fresh squeak and taste and set the standard for freshness and flavor. Tip: Want more squeak simply microwave for a few seconds to restore their fresh from the creamery squeakiness!

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