Dot’s Homestyle Pretzel 16oz


Dot’s pretzels are a delicious gourmet snack that will compliment each and every holiday, special family gathering, or late night craving!

  • 16oz bag
  • Small Town Recipe, Big Time Flavor
  • Dip them in Deli Direct cheese spreads, Spice Above Dips and Seasonings or Hummus
  • Make a trail mix or add them to your favorite cookie recipe
  • Dip them in Chocolate for desert Yum!

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Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels are a special family snack created many years ago by “Dot” in her home kitchen. The first taste says it all and are loved by all who try these savory morsels. Dot’s Homestyle Pretzels are an addicting gourmet snack pretzels that will keep you coming back for more and more and more! Pretzels just might be one of the most versatile snacks out there. Whether they’re the main event or merely the vessel for some other food to get from the bowl to your mouth, there are so many ways to eat pretzels, none of which disappoint. You can munch on them by the handful, scoop them into dips for added protein, dust them in seasonings, throw them in a mix, or even coat them in confections (viola—dessert!).

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Cheddar Block Option
Farmers' Market Cheese Block Choice 3
Dip Option 2
Dip Selection 1
Dip Selection 10
Dip Selection 2
Dip selection 3
Dip Selection 4
Dip Selection 5
Dip Selection 6
Dip Selection 7
Dip Selection 8
Dip Selection 9
Farmers' Market Cheese Block Choice 2
Choice 7
Deli Meat Selection 1
Free Dip 1
Mustard Selection
Spread 1
Spread 2
Spread 3
Spread 4
Sumer Sausage Option
Summer Sausage Option 2
Usinger's Summer Sausage (5oz) Choice 1
Usinger's Summer Sausage (5oz) Choice 2
Usinger's Summer Sausage (5oz) Choice 3
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Deli Meat Selection 2
Dip Option
Farmers' Market Cheese Block Choice 1
Cheese Spread Option 3
Cheese Spread Option 2
Cheese Block Selection 3
Cheese Block Selection 4
Cheese Spread 1
Cheese Spread 2
Cheese Spread 3
Cheese Spread 4
Cheese Spread 5
Cheese Spread 6
Cheese Spread Option 1
Cheese Spread Option 10
Cheese Spread Option 11
Cheese Spread Option 12
Choice 6
Cheese Spread Option 4
Cheese Block Selection 1
Cheese Spread Option 5
Cheese Spread Option 6
Cheese Spread Option 7
Cheese Spread Option 8
Cheese Spread Option 9
Cheese Spread Selection 1
Cheese Spread Selection 2
choice 1
choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4
Choice 5
Cheese Block Selection 2
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