Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Blocks 7oz – 7 flavors


Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Blocks 7oz each -7 flavors  Cheddar Bacon,  Hot Pepper, Cheddar N’ Salami, Harvest Vegetable,  Tomato & Basil, Onion N’ Garlic,  Chipotle Pepper

  • Crafted in Wisconsin
  • Grade A Cheddar Cheese
  • Good Source of Calcium
  • Shelf Stable
  • Does not require any refrigeration until after opening
  • 8 Different Flavors

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Wisconsin Specialty Cheese Blocks 7oz each -7 flavors

FM Cheddar Bacon, FM Hot Pepper, FM Cheddar N’ Salami, FM Harvest Vegetable, FM Tomato & Basil, FM Onion N’ Garlic, FM Chipotle Pepper

FM Cheddar N’ Salami, Great tasting combo! This mixture of select natural Cheddar cheese and premium salami, it is a versatile favorite. Add salami & cheddar to you scrambled eggs, mac & cheese, baked potato or a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Perfect on your charcuterie plate. It’s a quick and nutritious snack.

FM Chipotle Pepper, A unique blend of natural Cheddar cheese and southwest chipotle peppers. A great combination of smokey flavor and the heat of jalapeno peppers. One of our fastest growing flavors. Chipotle Pepper cheese is wonderful melted over your favorite chips or as a burger topper.

FM Onion N’ Garlic, Our newest addition! Our 7 oz Onion n’Garlic cheese bar is a natural blend of cheddar cheese and savory onion and garlic. It is perfect for use in garlic bread and lasagna or on burgers and in salads.

FM Tomato & Basil,  This “new” addition is a mixture of natural Cheddar cheese, Italian spices, and sun dried tomatoes. Be certain to add excitement to any cheese tray. Try adding to salads, pasta salads, sandwiches, or melt on your favorite steamed veggies. Try all six 7 oz cheese blocks for your entertaining needs! It is very popular in gift baskets.

FM Harvest Vegetable, Is an appetizing blend of nutritious natural Cheddar cheese and the wholesome goodness of vegetables. Vegetable Fair adds flair to garden salads and cheese trays

FM Hot Pepper, This zesty cheese is an exciting blend of natural Monterey and Cheddar cheeses, and jalapeno peppers. It’s fantastic grated on top of a bowl of hot chili or melted and poured on top of tacos, burritos and corn chips. It’s my favorite!

FM Bacon, a down-home blend of natural Cheddar cheese and the finest real bacon. It’s a country kind of taste perfect for melting over meat loaf, hamburgers, casseroles and baked potatoes. If you love cheese you will love this mixed in and scrambled with eggs. It’s a quick and nutritious snack. Roll it, spread it, cook it, or eat it, anyone will fall in love with the taste of it. These cheese blocks are fun-filled and create the best magical cheese moments with family

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