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    Not only is your Rocket Radish just amazing, but your shipping dept. is also first rate. Ordered 3 bottles through Amazon, arrived in a super sturdy box. Inside was a silver cooler bag w 4 black ice bags.  As for the horseradish...O.M.G.   You think you're going to die and then suddenly, you don't.

    Monty J

    Cimarron, New Mexico
    Monty J - Cimarron, New Mexico
    You get a lot of food for the price, The cheese spread is the best part. I've never ate cheese spread that taste as good as the vegetable cheese spread. You don't taste the vegetables in it at all. But it's amazing and worth the money.Zoey S.
    All very good, spicy but delicious products and great quality. I recommend buying this gift basket for your pleasure or make a gift.Zach B.Rockford, IL
    Enjoyed very much. And got there in time. Food was fresh and tasty. They really enjoyed it great variety if items.Wilma L.South Bend, IN
    Good texture. I use it as a sandwich spread or dip for chips.William S.Indianapolis, IN
    This cheese spread is really good. Definitely give it a try you will not be disappointed.Victor M.Cedar Rapids
    This is my favorite variety from Deli Direct.....the asiago cheese spread. This is the best darned processed spread cheese I have tasted in 40 years and you can hardly locate this at any super market or deli in my area. Each container is nearly a pound of spread cheese and it works well for melted sandwiches and home made pizzas. My family uses this variety more often than any other cheese as its versatile and so delicious. Melts well in hot soups and we like the jalapeno cheese spread too.Trisha P.Bloomington, IL
    Great pickles!!!Trevor N.Gary, IN
    Best prices I have found for cheese spreads. The flavor was very good also. It defiantly had a horseradish bite to it.Thomas M.Dallas, TX
    I bought three [gift baskets]... They turned out awesome! Thanks, Deli Direct!Amy Barker
    We love everything we have purchased from you!Shelly Vanscoy
    Had a wonderful visit this Saturday @ Deli Direct. Lots of good food purchased at great price.Hallmark Promotions, Inc.