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Zoey S.

You get a lot of food for the price, The cheese spread is the best part. I’ve never ate cheese spread that taste as good as the vegetable cheese spread. You don’t taste the vegetables in it at all. But it’s amazing and worth the money.

Zach B.Rockford, IL

All very good, spicy but delicious products and great quality. I recommend buying this gift basket for your pleasure or make a gift.

Wilma L.South Bend, IN

Enjoyed very much. And got there in time. Food was fresh and tasty. They really enjoyed it great variety if items.

William S.Indianapolis, IN

Good texture. I use it as a sandwich spread or dip for chips.

Victor M.Cedar Rapids

This cheese spread is really good. Definitely give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Trisha P.Bloomington, IL

This is my favorite variety from Deli Direct…..the asiago cheese spread. This is the best darned processed spread cheese I have tasted in 40 years and you can hardly locate this at any super market or deli in my area. Each container is nearly a pound of spread cheese and it works well for melted […]

Trevor N.Gary, IN

Great pickles!!!

Thomas M.Dallas, TX

Best prices I have found for cheese spreads. The flavor was very good also. It defiantly had a horseradish bite to it.

Amy Barker

I bought three [gift baskets]… They turned out awesome! Thanks, Deli Direct!

Shelly Vanscoy

We love everything we have purchased from you!

Hallmark Promotions, Inc.

Had a wonderful visit this Saturday @ Deli Direct. Lots of good food purchased at great price.

Dee Ann Flowers

Can not go wrong with the Chocolate Lovers Dream!!! And that caramelized onion dip is to die for!

Taylor M.Milwaukee, WI

This garden vegetable cream cheese spread is very delicious. This has the consistency of a whipped cream cheese; very fluffy light almost like french onion dip as the main flavor. It’s a combination of cream cheese, vegetables and white cheddar. The taste is smooth and mild and is great on bagels for breakfast or anytime. […]

Tammy S.Philadelphia, PA

This reminds me of a cheese I bought in a New Haven Deli. I haven’t found anything like this in 25 years. This is Great!

Susan S.

I am not an expert on cheese, but I am a lover of cheese, and am loving this cheddar cheese!

Susan G.Hoffman Estates, IL

My daughter called to say how much she and her husband were enjoying the gift. Was able to purchase on-line and have shipped to her home. Thanks Deli Direct!

Steven V.Springfield, IL

Got as a gift for folks and they loved it, they got it early thru the mail and were very very happy with the items!

Steven A.Pueblo, CO

Perfect gift for family or friends


Excellent quality cheese!

Sherry Mugrage

Called your 800 number and got Carol, she took care of my problem quickly and pleasantly.

Shana M.Missouri City, TX

I really like this Cheese!

Sean V.San Fernando Valley, CA

Great sauces and pretty hot too!

Sabastien S.Eustace, TX

Really good taste!

Ron S.Barrington, IL

I ordered these steaks and I thought they were great for a party. The value is also good. I would definitely order again.

Patty R.Arlington Heights, IL

I sent this gift basket to my parents, who were thrilled to receive it. It had the perfect amount of cheese and meat. The crackers were wonderful. I would definitely send this gift basket again in the future. The price was in the right range as well.

Patrick C.

My family really enjoyed this. It was sent for a gift and was much appreciated.

Patricia F.Perry, FL

Ordered the Super Party Pack for my son’s birthday in lieu of cake and sweets! He is 45 years old. He said twice how much better this was than the dried out cakes and cookies he ate in no time. Next year I will see if there is a larger gift pack to send.

Patrice B.Palatine, IL

My 82 year old dad is Italian and loves Asiago cheese. I bought him 3 containers for Christmas. He was so happy, then he tasted it. He was in heaven! Believe it or not, this product really made his Christmas special. I tried it too and it was super delicious!

Nicole K.

I was shocked when I received these 3 tubs of cheese, because they came in a Styrofoam cooler with 3 ice packs (with a cardboard box on the outside). I can’t believe they did all this for $15.00! The tubs of similar (port cheese) cost about $4.00 in the deli dept (different brand), so this […]

Nick M.Chicago, IL


NettyBoise, ID

This was a gift for our friends and they loved it!


I purchased two sets. One for a friend and one for my family. It went over like a hit. Best value for the money. It has a really nice sharp cleaver. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice gift for little money. The mustards in the set are wonderful.

Mike Sallander

Great cheese spreads!

Michelle L.Denver, CO

Great cheese for horseradish lover, I mean some bites will really open your sinuses and take your breath away. it spreads easier and has more favor if you let it come to room temperature. I hope they never stop selling this product!

Michael K.

If you like Cheddar, you’ll like this!

Michael K.Aurora, IL

I’m into cheese & was worried a bit about shipping and the final quality of my product. No worries at all in the final process! It arrived in proper packing and was very fresh. If you have any such worries, put them to rest!

Meghan S.Des Moines, IA

Yet another fabulous Deli Direct spreadable cheese is this Smoky Bacon variety. I LOVE this one almost as much as their aged asiago. This one I use exclusively for baked potatoes as its taste is almost identical to the Wendy’s cheddar bacon style. This is also great on burgers and sandwiches too. Very light and […]

Max West

I just wanted to comment on your service. I ordered yesterday via internet and received the product today. I doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you for your INCREDIBLY FAST shipment—never seen anything like that before. Much appreciated!

Mark S.Schaumburg, IL

I like it better than the equivalent I can get from Trader Joe’s. Spreads easily, tastes good, and has just enough bite.

Marisa B.Oak Lawn, IL

Creamy and with great taste! I could not be happier… have ordered it twice now and will be ordering more I am sure.

Maria Z.Ohio

This party gift pack was ordered on a Friday and I received it on Saturday morning. Shipping was fantastic. It was all neatly packed in a reusable styrofoam container. The meat and cheese spread and crackers were delicious. This is a great value for the price. I will be ordering more to send as gifts […]

Madi P.Phoenix, AZ

We have been looking in the stores for these sets and they didn’t have anything that was big enough. The ones we did find where small bite size and too small. When I found this my mouth fell open in AWWWWWW….. 🙂 I checked to see what it weighed and everything. It is surely is […]

Lori L.Lincoln, IL

I gave this Mom Gift Basket to my stepmom who LOVED it.

Lizzie R.Peoria, IL

Delicious, different, versatile and long storage so good gift for recipient to use when desired, especially to have on hand for guests.

Lindsay W.

I love this place! Local, inexpensive and wonderful customer service. Great place to shop for cheese lovers. They have items of great quality you’re not going to find at your local grocery store. I’m sure I’ll be back soon!

Leslie C.Camdenton, MO

Great gift for the far away family members!


The Birthday gal (mom) loved it. Perfect timing on the delivery too!

LeAnne P.Joliet, IL

Never thought that it would be so BIG, gladly surprised and delicious!

Larry C.Brownsville, TX

Lived in Wisconsin and now I live in Texas, but this garlic cheese spread brings me back. This is great Wisconsin cheese!

Kevin M.Vernon Hills, IL

I sent one to my wife’s father and he love it. The sausage was great! The salt crackers. All very fresh. Great taste! A fancy gift… Is a big gift… High quality products a low cost. Great!

Kevin F.Hoffman Estates, IL

This is for you if you like liver sausage. Yummy! It was packed in a cooler with ice packs. What a treat! It freezes very well.

Ken A.Mercersburg, PA

Great cheese for the horseradish lover!

Katherine B.Mt. Prospect, IL

My Husband Wants This AGAIN!

Kara B.West Liberty, IA

I bought this for my husband last Valentine’s Day since I always feel guilty about how much he spoils me on that day. You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, when he saw this basket FILLED with meat and cheese (which I ordinarily encourage him to […]

John F.New York

There was a little something for everyone, even a diabetic. It was a great way to send a “little something” to say “we’re thinking of you”. It shipped quickly and arrived in good condition. I would recommend this.

Joe M.Jackson, MI

Awesome product! These pickles taste great!


I finally got a chance to boil some shrimp last night, the reason I ordered your product, and it was all it should be. Hot horseradish, not horseradish sauce. Thanks for a great product.

Thomas K.Jessica S.

This bacon cheese spread is really good. There is nothing else comparable on the market. I will be back for more.

Jerry G.

Bought this for Fathers Day. My Dad loved it!

Jeramy J.Arlington Heights, IL

I am a pickle lover and these pickles are likely the most unusual that I have ever had. The combination of the slightly sweet pickles with the horseradish kick is awesome. I will soon be purchasing another pail!

Jennifer P.Downers Grove, IL

Yes! This 2 lb. block is awesome! I have bought this many times and its not processed cheese; its the real deal aged sharp cheddar made in Waterloo WI. I found this during last holiday season & love it; not too nippy and not too mild. Just deliciously great and a very large serving block […]

Jenna R.

I gatta say I am pleasantly surprised! there was plenty of food, flavorful and not salty at all. Also it comes packaged with ice packs which keeps the food fresh.

Jeff B.Springfield, IL

Tasty stuff! Close to the taste of Kaukauna cheese from Wisconsin.

Jason V.Elgin, IL

YUM! This is my favorite cheese! Not super spicy but delicious.

Heather F.Littleton, CO

First off, I was very impressed with the shipping. It arrived 2 days after I ordered it. We had the basket less than a week and everything was eaten. Everything in this basket was delicious! My favorite is the hot pepper cheese block!

Todd C.

Great sausage and cheese spreads! Create impressive gift baskets for a fraction of the price of other places. Really nice staff too.


Make sure you try the “rocket radish” …

Gail F.Saint Cloud, FL

The Meat and Mustard Gift Basket came quickly and recipient was very leased and said everything was delicious and looked great.

Elizabeth B.Michigan City, IN

This was a gift for my mother for Mothers Day and it got to her quick. She opened it right away and dug in. According to her everything tasted great. The meats and cheeses were nice size and it took her awhile to eat. She had to ward my dad off because he kept trying […]

Drew B.Los Angeles, CA

It’s the best kielbasa I’ve had since leaving Chicago 20 years ago. Truly a quality food product!

Doug A.Barrington, IL

This is the place you go before you have company over. It has cheeses, dips, sausages, candies, sauces, “rocket radish”, pickles, and many other things that people at your house will be talking about. I went over to my brothers one day and he busted out this horseradish cheese dip. I took one bite and […]

Dorothy C.Lake Zurich, IL

The first time I tried this was at my sisters home It Is GREAT! Taste very yummy. Spreads easily. I am buying a six pack because it can be added to some sauces, like Alfredo and basic white sauce. I added some to my cheese noodles 🙂 Loved by all!

Donna C.Park Ridge, IL

Sent the Meat and Mustard Gift Basket to my sister for her birthday. She said she loved it and the meat was delicious.

Dominick T.Pollock Pines, CA

The Horseradish Cheese Spread is very good and strong!

Dina B.Cape Coral, FL

Asiago cheese lovers rejoice!

Diane H.Marionette Park, IL

Fast delivery. Tastes great. Will keep forever in fridge. Had a bite to it-which I love!!! Love to dip pretzels in and will be great for parties!

DianeChicago, IL

Bought Super Party Pack as a gift. They really liked it, ate everything.

Devon P.Crystal Lake, IL

The Onion N’ Garlic is my 2nd favorite cheese (after hot pepper). It has a good onion and garlic flavor and is not too salty like some others.

DemyPheonix, AZ

The Meat and Mustard Gift Basket made a wonderful gift!

Deb W.Cincinnati, OH

Let me start by saying thank you to DeliDirect for shipping this basket out to our troops in Afghanistan. This basket arrived the same day riots happened over in Afghanistan and I received multiple thank you messages from our troops as this basket was actually taken into a bunker with our troops during a rocket […]

David L.Lake Zurich, IL

Wow is this a HOT deli cheese spread. It’s very powerful and very good. I have a high tolerance for spicy foods and this one will blast your taste buds off. I honestly have never come across a decent spicy cheese spread and this is #1.

Colleen C.Tennessee

This was a gift to our brothers and they said they loved the Super Party Pack. One said they really enjoyed the meats and cheeses. It was a nice surprise.

Chris T.Los Angeles, CA

It’s the best braunschweiger I’ve had since leaving Chicago 20 years ago. Truly a quality food product!

CheffieSpringfield, IL

It is tasty! Makes me miss my pickled herring Salami and rybrot crackers.

Cathy G.Lake Zurich, IL

This place is amazing. You can create the most economical personalized gift baskets of any place I’ve come across. The staff is super friendly and helpful too. I would highly recommend this place for Holiday gift giving. They also have great dips, sauces and other party items for quite a bargain price. Free samples of […]

Catherine C.Park Ridge, IL

This has got to be the best spreadable bleu cheese I have recently discovered over the holidays. It’s not too nippy; just right and spreads so smooth, not gritty. I have this now as a staple in my fridge as its so delicious I have subsequently ordered many times from this company as I love […]

Carol S.Vernon Hills, IL

I bought this for my husband and he loves it! It’s good with crackers, potatoes, nachos etc. so glad we tried this and will purchase again!


Great gift!

Britney L.Wheaton, IL

I purchased this (Swiss & Almond) online and the taste is terrific & better than Figi’s at 3 times the price.

Brian M.Waukegan, IL

Yum, yum, and yum! They should put it in the title! “Yummy Cheddar Cheese Spread”

Brian B.Bayfield, WI

Sent as a gift and arrived on time. Beat the heck out of the (T-word) competition whose website was totally down when I ordered. Price was right and delicious!

Betty San Francisco

The Taste Bud Temptation is a fantastic Gift set… ordered for an office party.

Ben K.- Naperville, IL

Very good flavor. Recommended for people who like It hot, and by that I mean hotter than tobacco sauce.


Sent the basket as a Christmas gifts! The recipients loved it!

Belinda M. Champaign, IL

Tavern Cheddar from Deli Direct is another one of my favorites of this line. It’s not too spicy and adds a great amount of variety to many meals such as roll up sandwiches and tacos and a topping for baked potatoes. Its great on crackers and melts perfect on mini pizzas and Spanish rice or […]

Belinda M.Champaign, IL

Tavern Cheddar from Deli Direct is another one of my favorites of this line. It’s not too spicy and adds a great amount of variety to many meals such as roll up sandwiches and tacos and a topping for baked potatoes. Its great on crackers and melts perfect on mini pizzas and Spanish rice or […]

Ashley P.North Liberty, IA

GREAT flavor with just the right amount of “heat.” Good consistency that is easy to spread. Well worth the money!

April L.San Diego, CA

The Asiago cheese spread is great on crackers but I also put it on sandwiches. Deli Direct makes several other cheese spreads, one of my other favorites is the Port Wine cheese spread. Both are highly recommended. Happy munching!!

AprilIndianapolis, IN

The selection and quality off food was so amazing, got lots of great compliments. Ordered for an office get together, the Deli Set was a BIG HIT. Ordering for Thanksgiving and Holiday parties and Cheese / Wine nights with the girls… any thing to make life easier the holidays.

Anne M.Iowa City, IA

Ordering on line was easy and the item was shipped very fast. I was pleased with the time involved. I could not find the Swiss & Almond Cheese Spread locally, so this option was great. The product was very good. I will order it again when I run out of what I have, which will […]


The Mom Gift Basket came packaged nicely and looked good. I should have gotten two so I could try it out as well 😉

Andy D.Orlando, FL

Lean not fatty like some. Came quickly and was packed in refrigeration well. Had bought cranberry sauce that has a lot of apple in it and had open it earlier to eat with turkey. Tried it with the braunschweiger and really liked it that way!

Andrew D.Portland, OR

Bought this for a gift. I got a thumbs up. All good!

Anonymous Soldier

Great taste, came packaged with ice packs, still cool on arrival in Afghanistan. we reuse the ice packs for sore knees and ankles. Awesome company!!!

Anonymous Soldier

The cheeses and meats were shared by soldiers huddled together in a freezing bunker…

Daniel C.

Item was received in great and most presentable condition,was very satisfied and most filling as well :-).Plan to purchase more items in near future

Becky B.

Quick delivery made your cheese & sausage pack a perfect snack to take with us on our vacation.

Joe N.

This was a great deal and was really appreciated by the excellent quality. Several “hot/spicy jalapeno” cheese and sausage items, so great choice for folks that like spicy or a variety. I will definitely order again.

Laurie D.

Quick delivery. The product is as described. For such a remote location, it was just what we need. The cheeses had good base flavor and when coupled with a wine and and a nice Tapenade, it resulted in a pleasant nibble session.

Clayton S.

Shipped and received fast. Good packaging.

Joanna M.

The staff at DeliDirect made me feel like I was their most important customer.

Jordan K.

received exactly what i ordered on time!

Wendy Aarestad

Perky Pickles are the BEST!!! Love them in Bloody Mary’s and pour a bit of the juice in the drink as well!! YUMMY

Michael Horist

Deli Direct products are awesome! My dad’s been buying Deli Direct products for years from “GI Joe” when he’d stop by his work… I only recently made the connection Deli Direct is across the street from my subdivision (forest lake)! So will be stopping by after work one day to check it out personally!

Andy D.

Lean not fatty like some. Came quickly and was packed in refrigeration well. Had bought cranberry sauce that has a lot of apple in it and had open it earlier to eat with turkey. Tried it with the braunschweiger and really liked it that way!

Todd C.

Great sausage and cheese spreads! Create impressive gift baskets for a fraction of the price of other places. Really nice staff too.

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