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The Perfect Bloody Mary

By August 6, 2021January 26th, 2023No Comments

Deli Direct wants to know what you put in YOUR Bloody Mary!?  When WE’RE making ours, we always start with SLUTTY MARY Bloody Mary Mix! Then we add our favorite spirit to taste.  After that, the garnish list could go on for days, and if you’re like us, you like it HOT! We’ve got EVERYTHING you need to make the perfect bloody mary including SAUSAGES, CHEESE BLOCKS, A VARIETY OF HOT SAUCES, OLIVES, PICKLES, PEPPERS, HORSERADISH, and much more. We’d LOVE to hear from you and even see photos of your BLOODY MARY concoctions! Follow us on our facebook page to hear what our other friends are putting in theirs, OR if you send us a photo and your ingredient list, we’ll thank you with a special coupon code for your next purchase!










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