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The Perfect Gift Basket for Those That Like it Hot!

By June 13, 2019No Comments

Let’s face it. In this world there are plain vanilla Veronicas or Vances and those that like to live life with a little more va va voom. If your family members fall on the va va voom side, there’s nothing better than surprising them with meat and cheese gift baskets. Take our Some Like It Hot gift basket as the perfect example. Pound for pound, it’s got more oomph than a heat-seeking missile and better outcome potential than date night at Denny’s.

Two of the items included in the basket are dip seasonings made by A Spice Above. One’s made with jalapeños and the other is packed with habaneras. Both may be used to make an ornery bowl of spicy pretzel sticks, nuggets or rods. Just tell your loved one to toss some of the dip into a bowl along with a cup of vegetable oil and any other seasonings that are sure to tickle their tonsils.

Stir it around and then set it aside while they place the pretzels onto ungreased baking dishes. Once the pretzels are spread out in the pans, have them drizzle the peppery mixture all over the pretzels. Afterward, they should pop the pretzel-filled pans into a preheated, 250 degree Fahrenheit oven for about 80 minutes. At the end of which, they’ll have a heated party snack that goes great with any number of beers.

The meat and cheese gift basket also contains spreads that may be used to make wicked appetizers. For instance, your loved ones could combine eight ounce of the habanera or jalapeño
spread with ¼ cup of Miracle Whip, 2 tablespoons of Worcester sauce and 8 ounces of chopped, smoked oysters or Cajun summer sausage. The mixture could then be shaped into a ball or log, covered with crushed nuts and served with crackers.

The dip seasonings and spreads, by far, are not the only great tasting items in the Some Like It Hot basket either. To learn more about it and other meat and cheese gift baskets, please contact us at Deli Direct today.

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