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That’s right! Barron and the World Famous Deli Direct Truck are back on tour, and this week we’re visiting the DAYTON area! For up to the minute updates on truck location, you can TEXT to 847-274-5506.  The Deli Truck will be in Dayton and BEAVERCREEK today, DAYTON AND SPRINGFIELD tomorrow (Thursday), and NEWARK, OH, on Friday!  Be sure to check back soon for next weeks locations!



  • Bing Schmidt says:

    Not making it to the Celina area this year…..damn, if you redo your route let me know and I will get the word out. Once again. Damn. Look forward to seeing you in ‘23

    • Barron Perl says:

      Hi Bing. Barron will be in Eaton, Gratis, Germantown and Miamisburg OH this upcoming week of the 21st. Please reach out to him via his cell at 847.274.5506.

  • Mike White says:

    Are you going to make indianapolis and mooresville Indiana

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