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From Saturday sandwiches to Thanksgiving dinner, Wickles’ Pickles secret 90-year-old recipe used to be reserved for family and friends who were lucky enough to get a jar. But since 1998, they’ve been bringing these tangy and fresh pickles to your home!

Why Are They So Irresistible? The Best Ingredients For Starters!

The custom blend of spices and fresh ingredients in these wicked creations added an exciting new taste that Wickles’ friends had never experienced before, and soon enough, people were calling from all over to see where they might get some of those sweet and spicy jars!

Deli Direct is THRILLED to add WICKLES’ delicious assortment of treats to our delectable array of craft and gourmet snack items. Their pickles spice up any sandwich, bloody Mary, or make for a tasty treat alone right out of the jar! Be sure to visit our pickles page and grab a jar with your next order to see for yourself!

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