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Flavors and Recipe courtesy of DAIRY FARMERS OF WISCONSIN! Get all of the ingredients in our Shop!

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree – You've heard of a Christmas Tree, but we're bringing you the CHEESEMAS TREE! – Floral Foam Cone (9 inches), Fresh Bay Leaves, Fresh Rosemary, Wisconsin Herbed Gouda Cheese (or your favorite other cheese flavor), Wisconsin Havarti Cheese (or your favorite other cheese flavor), Wisconsin Ciliengine-size Mozzarella Balls (or your favorite other cheese flavor), Grape Tomatoes, Italian Whole Green Olives (stuffed with your favorite ingredient), red and green frill toothpicks, Soad the floral cone in water for 10 minutes Remove and place on serving tray to begin assembly. Cover the base of the cone with a mix of bay leaves and fresh rosemary, securing each by sticking the stem into the floral cone. ; Cut half gouda cheese into star shapes using a 1-inch star cookie cutter. ; Cut remaining gouda and havarti cheese into 1/2-inch square cubes. ; Drain fresh mozzarella balls. ; Use cheese, tomatoes, and olives to create an assortment of picks, rotating cheese, olive, or tomato closest to pick top for best variety. ; Adhere picks to the cone ensuring the entire base is covered and there is a good variety of picks on the tree.; Tuck any remaining bay leaves around the base of the cone.; – – Appetizers – Seasonal – Holiday – Christmas – Holidays – Recipes[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]


Wisconsin Cheesemas Tree

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