In the LONG LONG LOOOOONG road to the finals, we’ve final made it to the EATEN 8. GARLIC DIP will be facing DICKS PERKY PICKLES! THE RAGIN CAJUN will be facing HUMBOLDT HARD SALAMI! ASIAGO CHEESE SPREAD will be facing off with HOT PEPPER CHEESE BLOCK! ROCKET RADISH will face off with JOJO’S KICKIN HOT […]

Easy Memorial Day Entertaining Ideas

With Memorial Day coming up, millions of people all over the United States are going to spend the final afternoon of their three-day weekend at a cookout or party somewhere, but if you are the one hosting that party you may need more than grilled meats to please your guests. Long before the main course […]

Summer Sausage: It’s Not Just For Crackers Anymore

Don’t let the name fool you, because summer sausage is truly a year-round treat. Sure, the sausage originally got its name because back before the days of refrigerators and freezers, folks had to plan out their eating habits so their food wouldn’t spoil. Summer sausage is basically any sausage that is kept without refrigeration, allowing […]